All State Musicians

On Wednesday, October 21st, high school music students from around Iowa submitted video auditions for the 2020 Iowa All-State Music Ensembles. Because of safety and health concerns, the annual Iowa All-State Music Festival will not be held this year. However, students were still selected for the prestigious honor of being named an All-State musician. Congratulations to the following Prairie High School students:

Prairie High School as 2020 IOWA ALL-STATE MUSICIANS:

1st Year All-Staters:

Alyssa Cassady – 10 Band, Clarinet

Sophia Chadima – 11 Choir, Alto

Benjamin Coffman – 11 Choir, Bass

Anna Lantz – 11 Band, Bass Clarinet

Chase Robertson – 12 Choir, Tenor

2-Year All-Staters:

Josie Dalton – 12 Band, Trombone

Leah Deimerly – 11 Choir, Soprano

Will Schipper – 12 Choir, Tenor

Luke Urich – 12 Choir, Tenor

3-Year All-Staters:

Adrien Hurley – 12 Choir, Tenor

Marlee Johnson – 12 Choir, Alto

Ashley Lappin – 12 Band, Clarinet

Two of our students were selected as ALTERNATES:

Camden Beightler – 10 Band, Trombone

Sydney Hoffmann – 12 Band, Percussion

Being part of the All-State Music Festival is an honor that only a select few student musicians from around the state of Iowa are able to enjoy!